Swim Course (1.5K International, 500m Sprint)
  • The swim starts and ends at the main boat launch.
  • The course is diamond shaped and consists of 1-loop.
  • Swim caps are mandatory and provided in your race packet.
  • Lifeguards are located around the course on boats and rescue boards. If you experience trouble during the swim, wave your arm in the air.
  • Participants may rest on boards without disqualification.
  • Wetsuits are allowed as per USAT rules.
  • Swim goggles are recommended but not required.

Bike Course (42K International / 42K Sprint )
  • The bike course is open to traffic.
  • Police and volunteers are monitoring the bike course.
  • There is no riding in the transition area.
  • Helmets must be worn and buckled at all times on the bike.
  • Drafting on the bike course is not allowed. Race officials monitor the bike course.
  • Bike racks are numbered. You must place your bike back on the correct rack before beginning the run.
  • Mile markers are placed every 5 miles.
  • View the Bike Course via MapMyTri.com
  • Profile/Elevations

Run Course (10K International, 5K Sprint)

  • The run course is an out and back and takes place on closed country roads.
  • Water, sports drink and ice are located at each mile on the run course.
  • Fruit and carbs are available on the run course.
  • Markers are located at every mile.
  • Runners must wear their race bib on front when crossing the finish line.
  • View the Run Course via MapMyTri.com
  • Profile/Elevations

Transition Area Transition Area
  • There is a single, paved transition area.
  • The transition area opens at 5:30 AM.
  • Body marking and chip distribution takes place at the transition area entrance.
  • No glass containers in the transition area.
  • Only participants are allowed in the transition area.
  • Port-O-Johns are located near the transition area.